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Stramed,  Every years, million Muslim around the world including Muslim in Indonesia have been celebrating “Maulid or the Aniversary of Prophet Muhammad SAW”. For Muslims, loving and obeying prophet Muhammad teach is ordered because inevitably through loving and obeying him could bring Muslim as “Rahmatan lil alamiin or global savior”.


Recently, Islam images had smeared by someone who do not know Islam teaching through their statement on social media, mass media or oral statement which had been deeply offended Muslim’s dignity. Through those reckless statement, indeed it could make uncondusive situation.

From prophet Muhammad’s teach, we can learn that Islam is not accept violence way to spred its religiousity. Because that, Islam do not accept and do not teach its followers to put violence or terror way as a solutions to solve problems. Indeed, Muslim community will angry if every terror attacks accidents are connected with Islam. Terrorist actor even though their religions are Islam, but whatever they did, it does not refer to prophet Muhammad teach.

The urgency of celebrating “Maulid” prophet Muhammad SAW are first of all, giving a new spirit to Muslim community to love their same community, their state, obey their government and loving each others because prophet Muhammad SAW does not hate to Jews, Christian/Catolics and others religions.
Secondly, making Islam community have charged their religiousity spirit and bring them to be moderate muslim communities.


Thirdly, countering radical religious teach which have been intensively spreading by certain radical groups or “religious manipulator groups”. Through Maulid’s celebration, Islam’s teacher or mubaligh and ustadz can give positive message to their followers.

Positive message to guard national conducive situations, to follow government policy, to maintain religious followers communication each others in order to they will make good religious relations without faith intefere each others.

Fourthly, through maulid’s celebration, we can learn about Islam norms and values which had been tought by prophet Muhammad’s a man who has powerful influenced in the world related to a book which had written by Michael H Hart.

Fiftly, Islam is stright religions. Those religion has strictly rules, norms and values which had been written at Qoran (Al Qur’an) and it had been tought by prophet Muhammad. Teaching Islam with true way and good teachers are making us will be understood about Islam’s teach.

*) The writer had earned his bachelor degree at Fisip, the University of Jember/Unej and master degree at the University of Indonesia (UI)

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